Our Summer Sermon/Study Series is:

Sermon Schedule:

June 14: Goodness (Lesson #1)
June 21: Knowledge (Lesson #2)
June 28: Self Control (Lesson #3)
July 5: Perseverence (Lesson #4)
July 12: Godliness (Lesson #5)
July 19: Kindness (Lesson #6)
July 26: Love (Lesson #7)

Study Guides:
A Study Guide is available for further reflection, and participation in Small Group discussions. Due to the copyright, we can't post it publically, but Group Leaders will be emailing the Guide to their group members, and anyone else who is interested may request a copy at info@mlepc.org or 412-531-3387. Just let us know if you'd like a digital copy or a hard copy and provide your email address or mailing address.

Small Groups:
Small Study Groups are meeting at various times throughout the week to discuss the study, share concerns, and pray together, so if you're interested in participating with a group please contact us and we'll help you get connected. 

Family Lessons:
In addition to the study guide, we're preparing weekly pages for family discussion and interaction. They'll be posted here on an ongoing basis as available.

Call To Excellence - Family Lesson 1
Call To Excellence - Family Lesson 2
Call To Excellence - Family Lesson 3
Call To Excellence - Family Lesson 4
Call To Excellence - Family Lesson 5