Our Vision Statement:
To make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ by
Building relationships with children and their families
in our immediate neighborhood,
Deepening our relationships with God and with others, and
Creating a welcoming, hospitable environment
for those relationships to grow.

Our Core Values

We Are Biblical

We love the Bible and all we do

 is rooted in God's Word.

We Are Worshipful

We love God through

praise-filled worship.

We Are Covenantal

We love to build committed relationships

with our community and with each other.

We Are Missional

We love to serve our community

as our response to Jesus' love for us.

Our Denomination - The EPC


MLEPC joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in December 2012. The EPC is a denomination
(1) PRESBYTERIAN in their organizational structure
(2) REFORMED in their beliefs and
(3) EVANGELICAL in their spirit and purpose.

"PRESBYTERIAN" means "rule by elder" according to the pattern seen in the Old and New Testaments. Spiritually mature elders are elected by the congregation and rule the church along with the ministers.

To be "REFORMED" means that we trace our roots to the Reformation, when John Calvin and others led the movement to reform the church according to Scripture.

To be "EVANGELICAL" means to believe in the importance of sharing the good news that through Jesus Christ the kingdom of God has been inaugurated, freeing people from the guilt and power of sin through personal faith and repentance.

For more information visit The EPC website.