Our Core Values

 — is about glorifying God, who is real, loving, and true. He deserves our praise! When God’s Spirit inspires our worship, we encounter God as we think, we feel, we make decisions, and we act in Christ’s name based on Scripture. This takes place in all of life, not just on Sunday mornings.

We want to really honor God in our lives! 

A CULTURE OF CHANGE — in which we take the next step forward in our relationship to God in Christ. Our faith transforms our lives. Our faith changes the world! We pray, preach, teach, mentor, serve, and witness so that we constantly walk with Christ through the power of the Spirit. We guard against satisfaction with status quo spirituality. 

We want God to change our lives for the better forever! 

STRATEGIC EVANGELISM — in faithfulness to the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations.” We are “seeker friendly” in how we welcome newcomers without compromising the gospel message. We recognize that increasingly we must go beyond our church walls to spread the Good News in our culture and to our world.

We want to be excited about sharing our faith with others! 

CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP — in which the Holy Spirit helps us grow in three areas: (1) We aim to know and understand God through His Word, the Bible. (2) We want to understand ourselves as God’s children who are sinful, saved, and seeking to be like Christ. (3) We study our culture so that we develop a Christian worldview for living daily life. This occurs through faithful biblical preaching, teaching, small group studies, mentoring, and individual pursuits.

We want to go deep and grow deep in our faith! 

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS — in which we express and receive love among ourselves. We are drawn to being active in our church when relationships are caring, vital and life giving.  As our church grows we will adjust our methods to ensure that people stay connected.

We want to experience real relationships with real people! 

TOTAL LIFE STEWARDSHIP — in which we offer all of who we are to all we know of God. We understand that we are given a trust by God of time, opportunities, relationships, material possessions, health, gifts and abilities, knowledge, truth, and finances. We reject a model of membership in which people are passive spectators or where membership is equated to giving money alone.

We want to know the privilege of making everything available to God! 

EQUIPPING THE FAMILY — to succeed in the midst of the many challenges facing it. We encourage Christian marriage, parenting, and practical life skills. We make ourselves available to help families in times of trouble. We focus on kids, believing that the gift of a life-long relationship with Christ is the very best that we can offer them.

We want to grow strong and secure with loved ones! 

SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY — in which we balance inreach with outreach. We want to have a reputation in the community for making a positive impact. We wish to be a welcoming and friendly people who live by the values given us by God in Christ.

We want to touch the lives of people in our community! 

STRUCTURE FOR IMPACT — in which we organize our church to maximize our influence. One key to structuring for impact is the principle of identifying and developing leaders. Leaders must lead if the church is to be faithful and successful.

We want to belong to a church that plans well and acts wisely! 

GLOBAL VISION — in which we are vitally aware of God’s work throughout the world. We are not an autonomous, segregated congregation; rather, through Christ we are joined to all Christians worldwide. This includes our connection with our local presbytery and denomination. We share a common ministry with Christians everywhere as we celebrate the global progress of the Gospel.

We want to engage in God’s work throughout the world!


"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

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