Mission:Possible 10

July 16-23, 2017


Mission:Possible is our annual "backyard mission trip," sharing Christ's love right here in our own neighborhood. Our week of local ministry allows our entire congregation to get involved and experience a true mission journey, complete with various service options, meals and fellowship,and prayer and worship. Take the opportunity to grow together in faith and fellowship this summer, even as we seek to bless those in our community!


Mission:Possible 10 Introduction

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Mission:Possible Complete Project List 

Complete Listing of the over 20 ministry areas in which we'll be serving 


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About Mission:Possible at MLEPC

Mission:Possible Insert #1B:

Dormont Summerfest, Kenya Connect, Meal Ministry, and Brookline Food Pantry

Mission:Possible Insert #2

Mission:Possible Choir, Choir Helpers, Blood Drive, Sewing Projects

Mission:Possible Insert #3

Coffee on the Wing, Intentional Acts of Kindness, Youth Ministry, Prison Ministry

Mission:Possible Insert #4

Home Repair Ministries, "Off the Floor" Ministry, Children's Ministries, Lemonade for Backpacks Ministry


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