Summer Escape


“Summer Escape” is our 11th year of summer ministries, formerly known as "Mission:Possible". There will be a variety of events and activities all summer long this year, starting with front-yard hospitality at the Memorial Day Picnic and wrapping up the season with a pool party at Dormont Pool. Take a look at the list of events and get involved behind the scenes in service opportunities or join us for the some of the fun family activities we’re hosting to get to get to know our neighbors.


May 28 (Mon)  Memorial Day Parade

June 1 (Fri)  Fired-Up Friday 

June 16 (Sat)  Treasures Rummage Sale - Kenya Fundraiser

June 20  (Wed)  Movie Night with Dads

June 25-29  (Mon-Fri)  Vacation Bible School with Coffee on the Wing Hospitality

June 28  (Thu)  Summerfest Picnic and Concert at MLEPC

July 4  (Wed)  Fourth of July Rooftop Celebration

July 6  (Fri)  Fired-Up Friday 

July 8-13 (Sun-Fri)  Youth Mission Trip to Bluefield, WV

July 9  (Mon)  Choir Concert at Baptist Homes

July 11  (Wed)  Choir Concert at Asbury Heights

July 12  (Thu)  Choir Concert at Concordia

July 12  (Thu)  Movie on the Roof

July 13/14  (Fri/Sat)  Home Repair Part 1

July 14  (Sat) Brookline Christian Food Pantry

July 15  (Sun)  Choir Concert at Friendship Village

July 19  (Thu)  Spaghetti Dinner and Choir Concert Kenya Fundraiser

July 20/21  (Fri/Sat)  Home Repair Part 2

July 26  (Thu)  Collection Day (Blood Drive, Backpacks, Off The Floor, Community Clean-up)

July 28  (Sat)  Kenya Mission Trip Begins

August 3  (Fri)  Fired-Up Friday 

August 7  (Tue)  Prison Ministry Dinner and Donations

August 9  (Thu)  Movie on the Roof

August 16  (Thu) Neighborhood Block Party

August 23  (Thu)  End of Summer Splash Party


Please plan to join us! We'll be posting details about each event and including them in the Sunday bulletin announements throughout the summer.

To join in ministry, please stop by the Sign-Up tables off the Main Lobby or call the church (412-531-3387) to get connected with the Team Captains for the events of interest.

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