Mission:Possible 10

July 16-23, 2017


Mission:Possible is our annual "backyard mission trip," sharing Christ's love right here in our own neighborhood. Our week of local ministry allows our entire congregation to get involved and experience a true mission journey, complete with various service options, meals and fellowship,

and prayer and worship. 


Mission:Possible 10 Ministries

Local Home Repairs 

Offering Beverages and Prayer 

to Commuters 

A Choir Concert for the Community

A Summerfest Picnic in Dormont Park

Collecting School Supplies 

Providing Basic Furnishings for Homes

Senior Center Visitations 

Sewing Simple Dresses for Orphans

Prison Ministry Outreach activities

A Community Blood Drive 

Intentional Acts of Kindness 

Praying for shared concerns

And more ...


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Mission:Possible Insert #1A

About Mission:Possible at MLEPC

Mission:Possible Insert #1B:

Dormont Summerfest, Kenya Connect, Meal Ministry, and Brookline Food Pantry

Mission:Possible Insert #2

Mission:Possible Choir, Choir Helpers, Blood Drive, Sewing Projects

Mission:Possible Insert #3

Coffee on the Wing, Intentional Acts of Kindness, Youth Ministry, Prison Ministry

Mission:Possible Insert #4

Home Repair Ministries, "Off the Floor" Ministry, Children's Ministries, Lemonade for Backpacks Ministry


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